THE DIGITAL OFFICE with Dr. Lars Rosén Christensen

Organisme : Ortho-Walker AG

26 novembre 2021


THE DIGITAL OFFICE – Exploring digital options in the orthodontic practice

This one-day course will explore some of the digital options in the orthodontic practice. Over the last couple of years, the final digital building blocks have been implemented in our practice. Our aim has been to manage the entire patient journey digitally. Throughout the course of the day Dr Christensen will examine pros and cons of various digital options and detail the workflow from initial consultation, imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning, model analysis and digital setup options. Examples of digitally created customized appliances will be shown and emphasis will be made on the orthodontist’s ability to control the design and development of the appliances. Labial as well as lingual and removable appliance options will be demonstrated.

The world is going digital. Dr Christensen will describe his journey to a paperless office. Clinical management systems now exist that allow the patient journey to be virtually digital. With the patient experience in focus the entire journey from initial assessment to completion of treatment will be analysed along with the tools available for each step of the journey. One of Dr Christensen’s particular interests is the translation of the patient’s expectations into a realistic achievable treatment plan. The aim of the course is not to endorse particular products but to illustrate where we are today in the orthodontic digital world and discuss possible future improvements in our management of patients.


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